Guess who’s back!!! Peace, love and light all! If you’re reading this that means you love me, feel like I may have a lil something to say or just lurking on the glow up. Lol. Either way, thanks for your time. Ok, let’s jump right in.

Happiness. What does that mean to you? Seriously, think on that for a few seconds. Do you operate by your own definition, that of Merriam-Webster, or a definition that someone else taught you? Well, today we are going to define happiness in a different way. A more reloaded definition. One that is rooted in alignment and light energy. Ready? Ha, Yes You Are!!! Here we go.

Happiness is a state of being that resides within a place of contentment, wholeness and purity. Most of us have replaced the original concept of happiness with materialistic components based on changing theories of man. True happiness is Divinely guided and given. It stems beyond the humanistic emotion and transcends into the spiritual realm where we find joy. Happiness is an extension of Divine joy. Happiness in this sense is a state of being; it is more than a temporary emotion. Happiness is a source of joy to those that believe and receive it as a Divine gift. Stay with me. I promise it’s worth it.

This Divine space of happiness and joy is a birthright. It isn’t external. This space isn’t received from other people or things. Happiness is what you are blessed with from Source. Happiness is your universal connection, your direct lifeline. Divine happiness is innate, not taught. However, you can be guided on how to encompass and fully indulge there. Later, I’ll give a few tips. Keep reading, we’re almost there.

Now the real, real! Often times, the people around us, the environment in which we live, and societal constraints all manipulate our view of happiness. We are told what should make us happy. Truth is, it is by Divine design that happiness is what and who we are. The state of Divine happiness is a feeling that stems from the Most High God. Once we have the realization that alignment initiates this Divine state of being, we can have live in daily bliss. Even through difficult times, hurt anger and disappointment. Understand WE CAN FEEL THESE TEMPORARY EMOTIONS AND STILL HAVE A STATE OF DIVINE HAPPINESS AND JOY AT OUR CORE!!!!!!

Each individual has a choice to bypass learned concepts and constraints; you may choose to deprogram from what we have been manipulated to believe. It is up to each one of us to choose to align with Divine Source to live in happiness, joy and love. This is what gives us hope and balance during the shit storms that we will certainly encounter. Here is where we fully comprehend that we do not have to sit and stay in mess. There is ALWAYS A CHOICE!!! Divine happiness is a mere thought and decision away. We can make this choice by the moment, hour, day, month or year. We can always choose Happy!
So, what do you choose for yourself this day?

Here a few tips to help you along your journey:

-Follow your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t engage.

-Start your day with positive intentions and quiet time. Devote this time to prayer, meditation, yoga, a walk, twerk session or whatever sets a positive and peaceful mindset.

-Set boundaries with areas that cause discord. This can be people, activities, etc.

-Have a therapist, coach or mentor to assist along the way. This is a person that can offer constructive guidance and has expertise in the area.

Ok that’s all for today. I’m available and open for new clients. You can book using the link below or go to my booking page! Looking forward to connecting. Thanks for reading and be sure to leave your comments below. Til the next time, Be light, be love and be purposeful! Peace and Blessings Family